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Derma Clear Facial Gift Box

4,000.00 3,600.00
A Gif box of:  of 7 Products

For 20 Plus Facials

Derma Clear Facial Trial pack (7,10 ml/products)

665.00 598.50
Derma Clear Facial Trial Pack A Trial Pack of our Professional Facial Kit A Set of: Derma Clear Brightening Face

Derma Clear HD Whitening Face Wash

770.00 693.00
The solution for Lighting and Brightening Skin

Derma Clear Large Facial Set

6,700.00 6,030.00
A Set of 7 Products

For 40 Plus Facial 

Derma Clear Medium Facial Set

3,760.00 3,384.00
A Set of:  7 Products

For 20 Plus Facials

Derma Clear Microfoliant Face Scrub (100 ml)

435.00 391.50
Discover the secrets of a healthier more brightening and naturally glowing skin with microfoliant face scrub this specially formulated water soluble cream assists the active skin care ingredients to penetrate more deep into the skin along with the micro crushed apricot kernels which smooth, refresh and refine the skin texture and gently eliminate the dead cells suffocating the skin.

Derma Clear Natural White Fluid (125 ml)

540.00 486.00
It gives you naturally fairer skin in three ways.
  1. Its vitamin B3 enriched formula gives you fair looking skin and helps reduce appearance of dark spots.
  2. Its SPF protection effectively helps protect your skin against external damage from the sun.
  3. Its nutrients rich formula helps replenishes your skin’s natural moisture level.

Derma Clear Skin Balancing Cream (100 ml)

435.00 391.50
This cream is enriched with a powerful whitening ingredient which regulates the melanin production for a visible efficiency against the brown spots and skin darkening